Nursery (Children 0-35 months)
Children are welcome in all of our services! We also understand the challenges of attending worship with young children. The nursery room is available for parents to use as a cryroom during each of the worship services. We provide a closed-circuit television where parents can view the service as little ones sleep or play.


SUNDAY SCHOOL - 9:30 - 10:30am

3 yr olds (Preschool Room)
Kingdom Quest's early childhood lessons teach kids about Jesus in a language they can understand! Young children begin with a puppet presentation and the Bible lesson. In their class time, they reinforce the Bible truth through a game, craft, snack, songs, and even by acting out the Bible lesson themselves. All activities take place in the 3 yr old classroom, located in the Holy Cross Preschool Room.

Pre-K and Kindergarten (Sunday School Hallway, Rooms 9 & 10)
The Pre-K and Kindergarten lesson time begins with the large group Bible event and teaching. Kids then move to their small groups in a classroom where we reinforce the Bible truth through a snack, craft, and game. Then the kids gather one more time as a large group in the Theater Room to review the day’s lesson and teach Albie, the silly bird, the take home point of the day.

Elementary 1-4 Grade (Sunday School Hallway, Rooms 3, 5, 7 & 8) - BEGIN WITH WORSHIP IN THE SANCTUARY
After beginning their time in worship, kids come together in the Theater Room for a creative presentation of the Bible event. A humorous puppet interacts with kids through a dilemma that is solved by the lesson that is taught. The large group presentation delivers solid Biblical content through interactive storytelling techniques. Kids return to their small groups in their classroom to investigate the Bible and discuss application. A learning craft, snack, or games helps the take home point stick!

Grades 5 - 8 (Sunday School Hallway, Rooms 4 & 6) - BEGIN WITH WORSHIP IN THE SANCTUARY
Alive with Jesus from Concordia Publishing focuses on devotion time with God and each other.



Join us for a meal in the Friendship Hall from 5:00-5:50pm. Cost is $4/adults and $1/child, or $10/family.

Age 3-Pre K - Owlegories (Located in the Nursery) - January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2

Owlegories teaches kids about God through the amazing things found in nature and revealed in God’s word.

Kindergarten - Grade 5 - Junior's Adventures (Located in the Sunday school hallway) - January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2

Come along on an adventure with us as we learn to see the world in a brand new way! We will have fun with great games and activities while learning about how to change our lives! Junior's Adventures is the kid's version of Financial Peace. During these (10) weeks, we will discover how God wants us to use the money that HE gives us!

Confirmation (Grades 6-8)
Faith Inkubators shows students that learning about God can be fun! This moves confirmation from lecture/classroom to the very best relational/experiential model of confirmation by combining current life with Biblical truths, creating critical thinking, deep caring, faithful young people. It features art, music, skits, and game shows, while building lasting caring relationships at church.
6th Grade
Faith INKubators: The Lord’s Prayer, The Ten Commandments, Martin Luther
7th Grade
Faith INKubators: Hot Topics, The Apostles Creed, Lutheran Life
8th Grade
Luther’s Small Catechism taught by Senior Pastor, Duane Duley




Questions?  Contact Michelle Bombeck, Children’s Ministry Director @ or 224-4616


What is our focus in Children’s Ministry? 

Our focus is the same as our church’s mission:

Growing Together in Christ’s Love and Reaching Out as His Disciples

What are the tools to accomplishing our mission? 

Attending worship,

learning about what God has done for me, as His child, through His Word,

praying to Him,

serving others both in my Holy Cross family and beyond,

growing in my relationship with God and others, &

giving of my time talents and treasures

What does that mean for Children’s Ministry?

To help our kiddos live out our church’s mission, we are focusing on these tools in all areas of children’s ministry (we call them “marks of discipleship”).  Our prayer is that modifications to Children’s Ministry will positively impact the lives of the children of our congregation.  We also pray their families and their friends will be impacted as kids use these tools to live out their faith.

How will my child use these tools in Children’s Ministry?

Glad you asked!  Here are some of the ways we plan to focus on these six areas in Children’s Ministry:

Worship – Corporate worship is so important to us as Christians!  What better way to encourage that than to start with worship when attending Sunday school?  Starting September 10th, children from 1st grade through 8th grade will begin their Sunday school time in worship each week.  Children are encouraged to sit with their class and will leave the sanctuary prior to the sermon time for their own age-based lesson in Sunday school.  Our prayer is that this will provide not only an opportunity for kids to participate in corporate worship, but also provide intentional education about the components of the worship service and why we worship.  NOTE:  The Littles (3 year olds – Kindergarten) will continue to have their Sunday school experience beginning and ending in their classrooms.

Being in the Word, Prayer, Serving others and growing in my relationships with God and others – will all continue to be vital parts of our time at both Sunday school and Confirmation classes.  Classes offered this year are focusing on the educational opportunities that have shown to be most advantageous to each age group.  Please see the back page for specific age-based info.

Giving of my time, talents and treasures – One of the ways we openly share our treasures is through our weekly offering.  Each month a class or two decides what organization we will give our offering to and then it is presented to the congregation during worship.