In the early church, the disciples of Christ met together daily 2 pray, worship, and eat!  God has certainly gifted us with the resources 2 share meals with people going through transitions or difficulties in life.  It is with glad and generous hearts that we seek 2 offer comfort, encouragement and ultimately God’s great love 2 them through the gift of a meal and continuing prayers!


At Holy Cross, our meals2share ministry focuses on preparing and sharing meals.  Have you been blessed with a meal in the past and want 2 “pay it forward?”  Do you love 2 cook?  Does your heart connect with anyone listed below?

Cancer patient

Single mother

A family moving

Someone recovering from surgery

Mom with a new baby

Widow or widower

A family in transition


Although the basic idea is very old fashioned, the way in which we go about preparing meals is different, hopefully more suited 2 today’s busy cooks!  Our goal will be 2 meet once a quarter 2 make as many meals as we can 2 deliver 2 those in need (single moms, widows/widowers, those struggling with health issues, new moms, etc.).  With the help of freezer cooking, we can prepare healthy meals2share with others!  They will be ready for delivery whenever a need arises!  A simple clipboard on the freezer (located in the storage room of the kitchen at church) allows anyone 2 sign out a meal2share!


As part of Sunday to Serve, on October 13, 2013 more than 25 people gathered 2 prepare meals for those in need!  In about 1 1/2 hours we had 32 meals put together and the kitchen cleaned up! With a generous donation of meat and less than $200 we were able 2 deliver meals 2 ten families and stock up the freezer at church with the rest!  While I didn’t title this as a meals2share  event – it really was our first cooking session!!!  We met again in 2014 in February, April and September 2 restock the freezer.  We continue 2 meet four times a year.  The menu and donations requests go out by email and we meet 2 cook on Sunday afternoons.


There is something incredibly comforting in receiving a meal that you didn’t prepare.  It is like a big giant hug that offers relief from the burden of shopping, planning, and cooking – even if just for 1 meal!  And it is such a blessing 2 be able 2 do this for others!  As we work together 2 bless others we get 2 enjoy a time of fellowship as well!


Volunteer 2 serve on the meals2share ministry team.

Volunteer 2 donate food items.

Volunteer 2 donate money to help fund the meals2share

Volunteer 2 help prepare food.

Volunteer 2 deliver prepared meals.


Contact Jane Kotsiopulos by email at or by phone at 308-440-9419.

“They were unified as they worshiped at the temple day after day. In homes, they broke bread and shared meals with glad and generous hearts.” Acts 2:46 (The VOICE)